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BE AWARE: This asset is not maintained anymore!

I left unity and switched to godot, so i'm not working on this any longer. You can use it as a knowledge base but it was made with an older Unity Version!

This is a unity-Package designed to work with Seliel the Shaper's Mana Seed Character Base. You will need to purchase that asset to use this one as intended:

This package provides you with an editor window to create Unity animations out of the Character Base from the Mana Seed Collection.

You can read a more detailed description here:


Directly to the tutorial of the Version 2:


with Version 1.3 i added the NPCMaker and created a small tutorial for it: https://schattenhandel.de/msca/msca-npc-editor/

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It's great 4 stars. I would give you one more star if there was a video tutorial on how to use the code.


Thank you, unfortunately for the unity users i switched to godot so i'm not maintining it any more.

You have mana seed implemented in godot?

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The answer is yes, but not yet available for public

it will be maintained mainly for the new farmer base but i will give the old character base a check up when i publish it.

It is still in alpha and not yet ready to be published, but there will be one when the farmer base is finished

Would love to see this implemented in Godot 4. I'll be attempting to stumble through it on my own until then!

I hope to release it till end of next month

there it is: https://feendrache.itch.io/manaseed-character-animator-for-godot

I can't seem to get this to work? I finish the tutorial and I get "Animator is not playing an AnimatorController". After that I link all the animatorcontrollers from the animController folder I created onto the Player Prefab layers (background, body, outfit etcetc). Press play and now get that there is no parameters. The prefab doesn't seem to be using the base AnimationController??

I'm having the same issue, did you ever find a resolution?

Can you provide me with your unity version you are using?


any update i have the same issue?

Hello. Some of the Widgets on this page appear to be missing. Can you please fix this? :/

removed the broken links... it's all in the character base now

Is there a way to reuse the animations for different characters without duplicating the sprites/animations/animControllers folders? I'm using only the base assets and there's already 20MB of files generated

Hey, the way the MSCA is constructed right now the answer is no.

And i currently don't know if it is easily possible in unity at all.

Thanks for the answer!

This isn't working for me at all.  I followed the guide to the letter, everything appeared to work fine, no errors during guide or when attempting to run.  But when I run the example scene, no textures are being assigned to the various body parts.  Please see below images.

Notice file structure, Player object settings, and body object showing no sprite.  Not working.

I assume you got through all the tutorial and created the animations and sprites first and then tried to use the sampleScene.

I will look into it and check the process

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Ah yes, that reminded me I didn't look to see if the animations were tied into the animator.  On looking into that, the animations have no attached motions.  Although the controller is switching between animation states and it is trying to run them.  But even if I manually assign an animation, say idle down since it is default, still there's no sprite assigned to any renderers.  Any luck on your end?

Update: I reimported it again and made a little progress.  I can now see all the other animations for the character except idle.  No motions are assigned to idle in the animator, but are assigned for the other animations it would seem.  If I manually assign the idle animations, then all works well.  But something's definitely not working right with the process.

Thank you, it will take some time for me to try to recreate the problems, thank you for looking into it

Hey never heard back from you on this.  Also, I got an update notification and just re-downloaded and followed the new tutorial.  Basically, getting the same result.  On the various body parts in the sample scene, I can see the sprites changing on the sprite renderer, it appears to be using the animations, no errors or warnings.  But again, the character is invisible.  I assume its using the sprites for your pre-sliced empty spritesheets rather than actually utilizing the real Mana Seed textures I configured it to use.

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Okay, I was able to trace down the error in your code.  So, just fyi when I first imported this latest version there were alot of = new() initializers for dictionaries/etc that had to be corrected to their proper formats (i.e. = new Dictionary<string, string>().

As for the source of the problem, it is in Player.cs Line 255 the FillPlayerTexture method.  In your tutorial you state the path to use for the sprites should contain an ending slash, however, in the code you add that slash for the user already.  So if they follow the picture in your guide, the path will wind up with a double slash (//) and not find the texture.  And since there is no error handling for that scenario (no else statement in the method), the user is left with no rhyme or reason as to what's happening.  So the resolution was simple, removing the ending slash in the sprite path and the textures came right up.  Haven't tested it beyond that but anyways, hope this helps.  Damn good asset though, very good job!

Hi, is is posible to edit and extend this editor to swap other body parts? Do zou have some documentation for that?

yeah it should be possible, but sorry no documentation for that right now. I will extend the editor for the combat animations some time soon, hopefully this year.

That would be nice, I am actually working with the Bow and arrow and Sword combat

Is there a way to swap between other assets (such as outfits and hair) the way there is a way to swap the hat and hair?

not in the demo scene currently, i implemented a mechanic to swap outfits easily in my game. When i finished the character custuomisation in the game i may transfer it to the sample scene in the asset, but it will take some time

If possible could you share the method you used to swap outfits? I am having a hard time getting the changes to show on the screen, although the code should work.

Added a txt file with some snippets of how i swap the textures... maybe this will help you

Thanks! This is awesome. I'm on the final step and seem to be running into an error when using the Create Animations button though. I believe I followed the guide properly. Here's what I'm getting:

IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. MSCUnityEditor.CreateSpriteKeyframes (UnityEngine.Sprite[] sprites, System.Int32[] spritesNumbers, System.Single[] keyTimer) (at Assets/MSC Animation Creator/Editor/Scripts/MSCUnityEditor.cs:289
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will look into it as soon as i'm back at the computer later this day.

did you check that the scriptable object was properly set in the editor window?

can you send me a screen of your editor window set?

I uploaded a new Version with presliced empty sprites to use, so you don't have to slice all the sprites... Because: ALL the sprites, even the empty ones have to be present and sliced!!!

Thank you so much! I'll give that a shot. I narrowed it down to my slices having different sprite numbers for some of the animations (mostly the fishing Sprites)

I'll give the pre-sliced ones a shot and see, because while I got the fishing animation working, I was still getting the error. I'm guessing it's because I didn't leave empty sprites in place when slicing and it probably shifted the indexes all around.

One last bit of feedback, in the tutorial I believe setting the anchor points for first row and second row on page 3 should have the images order swapped.

Thanks again for sharing this! It's super helpful.